Sunday, July 21, 2013

More Real estate Opportunities

I told you about so many opportunities in real estate:

1.     Get me a nice plumber and I will show you twenty quacks. This is a field dominated by the latter. I usually wonder whether they train people for this particular specialized field. There is this one I gave some work and he put a normal valve where a non-return one was needed with disastrous results and or consequences. When I called him and asked him why he did so, he said he’ll come back and put the right one. So he knew the right one but decided to test my patience. I almost called him PWD. You see when we were in primary school, there is this deputy headmaster who would call you PWD if you did anything silly. Of course by PWD he did not mean Print Working Directory, Linux gurus know what it means but he actually meant Punda Wengi Duniani.

2.     Of course I like rainwater harvesting and so if you want to know of another opportunity, then please specialize in fitting gutters. The other day I saw some nice ones made of plastic.

3.     How about these bio-digesters that will deal with septic waste and digest it. You may not have known but the technology behind these digesters involves introducing live bacteria in some sealed enclosure. This will need a whole lesson, but if you think you can hack it, bring this technology to us and we will not need those humongous septics that we always construct; after all most councils care less about sewer systems.

4.     While at the above, you may figure out how the so called septics are emptied and if you can withstand the effluent, get a honey sucker (exhauster) and PAP you are in business. But kindly ensure that your honey sucker does not conveniently change to a water bowser during the dry season; otherwise we shall report you to NEMA.

5.     This guy who fixes cabro keeps telling me that he has to consider some levels on the ground and how water will flow naturally and so on. I think he makes some good money; after all he also sells paving slabs, culverts, road kerbs and channels amongst other storm water drainage materials. He also claims to manufacture them and he is filthy rich.

6.     There is this painter who is very good. I know that because he insists that painting is an art. He also insists that before he embarks on the actual work, he must get a theme and some inspiration. Then he knows something about blending colors and mixing them. I saw a house he painted somewhere in Runda and it is inspiring. And he really knows colors, you see I did not know that peach is a color (isn’t it a fruit?). How about claret? I is almost color blind so let him not dwell on them.

I can talk endlessly about real estate opportunities; after all it is my field. In the next post I might tell you something about Guangzhou. After all isn’t it an opportunity? Think about all the above and tell me whether we are not in a land full of opportunities.

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